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Portable Advertising & Marketing Hologram Projectors


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Portable Advertising and Marketing Hologram Projectors

We knew it was no light matter (or was it?) when a long-standing client was looking for a ‘blow me away’ marketing device that would attract attention to their numerous luxury brands within various retail spaces.

Illuminated by creative ideas, Superior Choices rose to the challenge and customised 3D hologram projection units. We created: a first-to-market, hand-held, 3D advertising solution. Pretty cool, huh!

And just like that, these portable 3D hologram projectors now offer unique marketing and advertising displays within the retail environment, creating the illusion of a 3D image floating in space.

This cutting-edge technology includes:

  • 3D hologram projector
  • Perspex safety cover
  • Custom handles
  • Custom charging case with three rechargeable batteries
  • Custom wall bracket
  • Runs on mains power and battery power for both static and portable hologram displays