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Samsung Premium Collection

When pixel density is surpassed! Samsung SA introduced its 85-inch ultra high definition (UHD) television to South African shores during 2013.

The launch was handled quite differently to other Samsung product launches that came before. Instead of embarking on “the usual” extensive marketing campaign, it identified a number of premium customers and invited them to a personal demonstration of the television.

Behind the scenes, it was Superior Choices that assisted in exclusively introducing this technology locally, through a unique personalised campaign, aimed specifically at high-net-worth individuals.

Superior Choices built a custom database of one thousand high-net-worth individuals in the country, and invited these people to privately view the television in an intimate art gallery setting. We contacted prospective clients via an outbound telephone campaign to establish interest, which was followed by a hand-delivered personalised invitation in the form of crystal paperweight with their initials engraved into it.

Our in-house contact centre managed the RSVPs, with potential clients being able to confirm their preferred viewing time-slot, as well as choose from a selection of viewing themes. Upon arrival, prospective clients received a second crystal paperweight with etched imagery of their chosen theme. Every element of their preview was personalised, from the catering to what they were shown on the TV itself. Trained brand ambassadors took each guest through technical specifications of the product.

According to reports, the TV sold well.

This is what we did:

  • Database creation
  • Campaign concept and implementation
  • Private preview events
  • Collateral design and production
  • Contact centre provision and management
  • RSVP management
  • Activity reporting