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Most people want their bang for their buck, which is possibly why “one-for-one” is a promotional tactic that keeps on working. You are essentially paying the full price for one item, and getting another one for free – generally paying the full price for the higher cost item.

Superior Choices negotiated and managed a set of exclusive local lifestyle offers for global payments and technology firm, Mastercard’s One-for-One campaign. The aim was to drive card spend and increase card usage across a wide range of Mastercard products in South Africa.

We identified and negotiated six annual brand partnerships.

All six partnerships offered Mastercard cardholders access to phenomenal buy-one-get-one-free offers, including flight tickets on British Airways, accommodation at City Lodge Hotels across South Africa, car rental with Budget Car Hire, and more.

This is what we did:

  • One-for-one offer negotiations
  • Partner management
  • Collateral sourcing and sign-off
  • Activity reporting