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Finding just the right solution to your niggling day-to-day problem is oh-so-nice. Finding it at a fabulous price is oh-so-much-better!

African financial services group, Absa, launched its “Features Store” in 2014 to enable customers to “build their own transactional banking accounts according to their needs and budgets, while enjoying a wealth of lifestyle features” – such as cellphone deals, rewards programmes, limited health cover, as well as travel.

This is where Superior Choices and our awesome negotiation skills came to the party. For two years we negotiated the best and most exclusive lifestyle deals to meet the various needs of the financial institutions’ cardholders.

As they say in the ads: but that’s not all! We were also involved in the management of payments, queries, bookings and sales relating to the take-up of all our found offers. This further ensured a superior and seamless shopping experience and delivery.

This is what we did:

  • Offer negotiations
  • Collateral sourcing and management
  • Content creation and sign-off
  • Bookings and sales
  • Supply chain management
  • Activity reporting