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Database Cleanse


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SA Mint

The South African (SA) Mint boasts an impressive list of international clients. Thousands of its coins leave our shores each year acquired by people who will treasure them for many years in their collections.

In turn, these customers are treasured too, and so Superior Choices’ in-house contact centre conducted a thorough database cleanse campaign for SA Mint, to ensure customers’ information is correct. The campaign was rolled out in two phases.

The initial phase was a personalised e-mail. It was sent to each address in the SA Mint database. The e-mail included a data capture form, which clients could complete and submit, after which we updated the client’s information directly into the SA Mint database system.

Phase two was an outbound telephone campaign to contact clients who did not respond during the e-mail campaign.

Once the data was cleaned, Superior Choices conducted a database analysis and segmentation study, and provided SA Mint with client insights, which could be used in future communication campaigns.

This is what we did:

  • Database cleanse
  • E-mail (with web form) design and distribution
  • Data capturing (on SA Mint’s system)
  • Outbound call campaign
  • Database analysis
  • Client segmentation study
  • Client insights