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Data Analysis, Client Lifecycles & Touchpoint Strategies


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Investec Wealth & Investment

Are you talking to me? Superior Choices was tasked with assisting the following three objectives set for Investec Wealth & Investment Managers:

To initiate personalised client conversations;
To acknowledge each client’s contribution to the business; and
To strengthen brand loyalty amongst Investec Wealth & Investment’s VIP client base (including individual clients, charities, trusts and clients of professional advisers).

We assisted in creating client lifecycles and touch-point strategies for different Investec client segments between 2012 and 2014.

These strategic communications and client touch-point strategies were completed following a data analysis and segmentation campaign. This information was then used to create segment specific client lifecycles, in order to communicate and engage clients in a strategic, relevant manner.

We also identified and suggested privileged access experiences, brand partnerships opportunities and various tailor-made value propositions for these clients.

This is what we did:

  • Project management
  • Database analysis
  • Client profiling and segmentation
  • Touch-point strategy development
  • Lifecycle development
  • Opportunity identification