3D Hologram Displays for unique marketing

by | Jul 4, 2020 | 3D Hologram Display

Marketing has been around for a while now. Many of the old techniques simply don’t work anymore. Clever marketing tag lines and visual displays that brought in customers and their cash don’t have the same impact. Brand loyalty is challenged by competition more than ever.

Technology has also added to the pressures and challenges – including upping customer’s expectations. However, technology has also opened the field for ever-more interesting and engaging ways to market your brand and products – from permanent and semi-permanent installations to event installations and marketing drives. One of these methods is ‘3D holography’.

3D hologram displays are visually striking and engaging, can show off products and designs unlike anything else. And they have incredible WOW factor!

3D Holography

Remember the scene in Star Wars where Luke tries to switch on R2D2 and the cute little robot spits out a ‘moving picture’ of Princess Leia begging Obi Wan Kenobi for help? That’s a real thing now…

Holography (the practice of creating holograms) has advanced enormously in recent years to the point where we can create almost solid looking three-dimensional objects out of light, change them, and make them move.

They can be projected almost anywhere (e.g. onto a table, or a floor) and in almost any size. Whatever can be programmed, can be projected in 3D. Want a dinosaur in the middle of the conference room? You can have one. How about a 3D product presentation at an expo, that people can walk around in order to view your product from all angles? Or a 3D hologram that talks to your clients?

Types of 3D Hologram displays:

Holographic displays come in a huge variety of projection set up and capabilities. These range from:

  • 3D HoloSPINs – an LED fan projector that project 3D images in the air – ideal for showrooms and large spaces
  • One-sided LCD projections – ideal for information displays at expo booths.
  • 3-sided LCD projections – ideal for 3D product displays and ‘storytelling’ displays.

And many more …

Some more advantages of 3D hologram displays:

  • You can focus on using the traditional methods for branding, using your 3D hologram displays for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Create visuals that demand engagement – with interactive features, sound and visual components working together for incredible impact and product display.

And yes – uniqueness! 3D Hologram Displays use latest technology, but unlimited creative capacity, your 3D hologram marketing displays will always be unique to marketing campaign goals.

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